Quality services

Traduzioni Lingue Estere is a member of the professional association Federlingue, which reports to the Union of Commerce and Tourism of Milan. In November 1997, Traduzioni Lingue Estere was chosen by the European Commission – Translation Service, as the “Official Translator of the European Community". The persons managing Traduzioni Lingue Estere are enrolled in the list of consultants and sworn translators of the Court of Sondrio.

The translations always undergo a quality control process and the effort is aimed at guaranteeing maximum speed and confidentiality to the client.

Traduzioni Lingue Estere avails itself exclusively of the collaboration of translators and interpreters who are qualified and speak the languages as their mother tongue, are experts in different sectors and pride themselves of a multiannual specialised experience. When choosing collaborators, Traduzioni Lingue Estere looks for a combination of elements which are considered fundamental namely: the linguistic competences and the technical training on the topics of specialisation, which presuppose aptitude and preparation.

All the translated texts are checked to guarantee the linguistic and stylistic accuracy as well as the orthographic conformity. They also adopt the Deontological Code of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.